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•   Become a sustaining member and help us get another cave.
•  Mud By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet. Read about a recent survey trip.  

MAKC Turning 20 in 2017! Read more.

A fund raising book and cave gear auction will take place on Monday, July 3, along with an anniversary picnic. 

Auction items thus far include:
• Vertical gear and a gently used rope.
• A new 300-foot rope.
• 48 pristine regional caving event and grotto tshirts recently donated to us.
• The very last two MAKC Rat’s Ass t-shirts.
• A set of SpeleoDigests, representing 47 years of caving information from throughout the U.S. Many of the older digests include directions.
• Like to cave in PA? An entire set of MAR Bulletins.
• Like to cave in WV? A set of WVASS Bulletins.
All cave books will be kept within the caving community, with bidders limited to members of the NSS, MAKC or an NSS grotto.
There will be two vertical cave trips, lots of horizontal caving, mountain bike trip, a rail trail bike trip with a short cave stop on the way and potential kayaking on a river or in a state park.


"Preserving the Caves of Today for the Cavers of Tomorrow"

 MAKC membership entitles you to our award-winning quarterly newsletter, Karst Chronicle, as well as an invitation to our annual free members' event, something we have been doing since 1998. And, to top it all off, your membership dues go toward buying, leasing and preserving caves, and other cave conservation projects. Sure, you can go caving without being a member, but what happens when someday you arrive at your favorite cave to find it closed? MAKC works to keep caves open. Without the support of its members, we would not be able to do any of this. 

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