Hall Cave

The Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy, Inc., owns Hall Cave in Huntingdon County, Pa., and approximately 10 acres of very karsty ground surrounding the cave, as well as the access Hall Cave Pictures page.

Hall Cave is a 380 foot long cave in the heart of Central Pennsylvania caving country. It was mapped in 1955 by the well-known York Grotto cave cartographer the late Bernard Smeltzer, and a description and map appear in the Huntingdon County MAR Bulletin.

The caver friendly landowners, William Anderson and his wife Martha (Hall) Anderson, wished to sell the property to a group interested in preserving the cave. A neighbor of the Anderson's had offered to buy the cave and bulldoze the entrance shut.

The property surrounding the cave has been timbered by the Andersons, although not clear-cut. There is no surface drainage, and sinkholes pockmark the parcel.

Hall Cave has been extensively used for recreational and educational activities. There is strong possibilities for finding additional cave either by extending the existing cave or by digging in the many sinkholes on the property. The Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy is committed to ensuring continued access to the property and to continued exploration. A management plan for this preserve has been completed and approved.

The site is within a 5 minute drive of Lincoln Caverns and Whisper Rocks, commercial caves on route 22. Hall Cave is also within a 15 minute drive of Blair County's Tytoona Cave, the latest NSS Cave Preserve. Trips to Hall Cave can easily be coupled with trips to other caves in the region. The cave is also only a few miles from Raystown Lake.

You can help by sponsoring a part of Hall Cave or the surrounding property.