Cleversburg Sink Preserve

1. Cavers shall read the Management Plan thoroughly and make sure everyone they take caving on the property is familiar with it.

2. Cavers shall not publish specific cave location data on the internet.

3. Cavers shall abide by the visitation restrictions.

4. Cavers shall notify the Franklin County Grotto of their planned trip date and follow procedures outlined in the management plan to obtain access and parking information.

5. Cavers shall make sure all members of the group are properly equipped and will have the necessary skills for the cave.

6. Cavers shall keep in mind that the property was purchased to provide recreational use for the general public.

7. Cavers shall keep in mind the NSS credo: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.

8. Cavers shall respect and not disturb or touch any equipment used for geological studies in the cave.

9. Cavers shall report any problems they observe to the Franklin County Grotto as soon as possible.

10. Cavers shall present this information to beginners and members of their caving party whom they don’t know.