Hall Cave Sponsors

Fund raising for our Hall Preserve slowed a bit since our initial efforts after acquiring the cave in October of 1998. Donations kept trickling in, but not at the enthusiastic pace at the outset of the acquisition. Near the end of the summer, MAKC member Bruce Dunlavy steered a grant application our way from SHARE, Sandy Hollow Arts and Recreation for the Environment, a group which organizes an annual music festival and then donates some of the proceeds to environmental education and conservation-oriented groups.In early November of 2000 Bruce called to let us know we had successfully petitioned for a $250 challenge grant, which meant we had to match the SHARE grant with donations in order to receive it. That was great because we still had 48 caves spots to fill ($1200 to raise.) We had financed our purchase with two $4,000 zero-percent interest loans from two of our board members. They were very patient about getting paid back, but we needed to eventually do that. By January 10, 2001, we had received seven of the necessary ten surface spot pledges to match the grant. Then treasurer Tom Metzgar was pleasantly surprised one Friday morning when he swung by the P.O. Box on his way to work. California caver Don Dunn enclosed a letter and a $500 donation for the Hall Cave Preserve, not only allowing us to meet the challenge, but nearly paying off the preserve. By this time we were ready to do a final fund raising push—by the time Don made his donation there were only 7 spots left.A quick e-mail to our many supporters asked them to forward a solicitation request to friends who might be interested in helping out. Paul Riggs of Dickinson College forwarded this to his friend Tucker Newberry in Virginia, who sponsored two spots. Within 24 hours we had donations from Chuck Snyder, John Pearson, and finally, from Paula Grgich and Dennis Melko to fill all of the sponsorships and conclude our fund raising efforts for our first cave preserve. Special thanks go to each and every donor. Current members and supporters were invited to a thank-you party to be held in central Pennsylvania.

Cave Spots

1 Doug Dean
2 Rock-N-Rescue
3 Walt Hamm
4 The Robertson Association
5 Bob and Bev Danielson
6 Buford Pruitt, Jr.
7 George and Karen Bange
8 The Loyalhanna Grotto
9 Kate Nestor
10 Sam Slee
11 Pennsylvania Cave Conservancy
12 Nancy Finney
13 Chuck Acklin, in honor of Dale Acklin
14 Ray and Melissa Hilko
15 Bert Ashbrook
16 Aaron Muderick
17 James A. Hasse, in honor of Kathryn Hasse
18 Frank Herceg and Dave Kohuth, in memory of Dallas McKeever
19 Steve Warnek
20 Dave Felix
21 Betsy Marshall
22 Jack Stellmack
23 Franklin County Grotto
24 John L. Long
25 Enchanted Mountain Cave Group
26 George Irving
27 Joseph S. Pendleton 3rd, in honor of Squire Lewis
28 Bob & Bob
29 Mike Singer
30 Marshall Fausold
31 Jan and Paul Damon, Sr.
32 John E. Pearson
33-34 Ethan Frantz and Ramen Noodle Wrestling
35 Curt Harler
36 Andrea Dieffenbaugher
37 Ken Grundy
38 Pittsburgh Grotto
39 Amos A. Mincin
40 Dave, Vernie and Gwenn Knorr
41, 45 Dickinson College Outing Club
42-43 Tom Metzgar
44 Dan Copenhaver
46 Bob McLaughlin
47 Dean Snyder
48 Michelle Mintmier, in honor of Brian Mintmier
49 Tom Metzgar
50 Carl Pierce
51 The Cleveland Grotto
52 Randy Schriber
53, 55 Mark Hanneman
54 Eric Coffman
56 Paul Damon, Jr. Surface Spots

Lot 1

Lots 1-30 John Weinel and Rock-N-Rescue
31-32 Pennsylvania Cave Conservancy
33 Tom Metzgar, in honor of Thallophytes
34-35 Rev. Craig T. Hess
36, 42 Thomas P. Cunningham
37-40 Northampton Area School District Ecology Club
41 Walt Hamm in memory of Al Haarr
43 Walt Hamm
44 Alex Boughamer
45 Alex Boughamer in memory of Lauren Dunn

Lot 2

46-47 Cornelia Rutherford
48-67 Sierra Club, Allegheny Chapter, Huplits Grant Program
68 Phil Gowaty
69 Loyalhanna Grotto
70 Kelly M. Hart
71 Franklin County Grotto
72-74 Philadelphia Grotto
75 Boy Scout Troop 22
76 Steve Warnek
77-78 Mark D. Jones
79 George Palmos
80 Diane Reichert
81-82 Harry A. Marinakis, M.D.
83 Bert Ashbrook

Lot 3

84-123 Richard Blenz

Lot 4

124-141 The Robertson Association
142 Chuck Snyder
143-144 Tucker Newberry
145 John Pearson in honor of Rachel Harris
146 John Pearson in honor of Michael Harris
147 Paula Grgich
148 Dennis Melko
149-155, 157-168, 170 Don Dunn
156 Kim Metzgar in honor of Bart
169 Rick Fligor

Lot 5

171-180 Sandy Hollow Arts and Recreation for the Environment
181-182, 188, 195-196, Jack Stellmack
183 John Taylor
184 Charles Cattell
185-187, 192-194, 200-201, Mid-Appalachian Region, NSS
189-191 Huntingdon County Cave Hunters
197 Garrett Czmor
198-199 Tri-State Grotto
202-212 Explorers Club of Pittsburgh

Lot 6

213-255 Bob and Bev Danielson

Lot 7

248, 250-252, 257-260 Explorers Club of Pittsburgh
249, 254, 261, 269, 283 George and Karen Bange
255-256 Bill Wolford
262-268, 270-282 York Grotto
284 Kelly M. Hart
285-286 Enchanted Mountain Cave Group
287 Bob McLaughlin
288-289 Joseph S. Pendleton 3rd in honor of Squire Lewis

Lot 8

290-293, 295-298, 301-304, Mark Hanneman
294 John Taylor
299-300 Cleveland Grotto
305 In honor of J. Clair McDivitt
306 In honor of Bessie McDivitt
307 In memory of Edith G. Metzgar
308 In memory of James H. Metzgar
309 In honor of Jim Metzgar
310 Jeff and Christina Kimmel
311 Dennis Bondi
312 In honor of Judith Metzgar
313 In honor of John Metzgar
314 In honor of Heather Metzgar
315 In honor of Paul Carson
316 In honor of Cal Smith
317 In memory of Jackie Reed
318 In honor of Marion Smith
319 In memory of Albert Smith
320 In honor of Marian Opatka
321 In honor of Ron Opatka
322 In honor of Tyler Reed
323 Kim Metzgar
324 In memory of Nate Metzgar
325 Tom Metzgar
326 In honor of Jack Reed